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Ramen NaaS For Warehouse, Distribution Center And Fulfillment Centers

July 17, 2024

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Providing reliable wireless coverage in warehouses and large fulfillment centers is very challenging. Solutions based on traditional WiFi equipment and planning methods perform poorly due to the constantly changing RF environment. Ramen has SOLVED this problem! Our customers have measured substantial savings in labor costs and operating expenses when using the Ramen solution.

Ramen NaaS For Warehouse, Distribution Center And Fulfillment Centers
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  • Are you experiencing challenges with wireless connectivity, indoors and outdoors, that impact operational KPIs, productivity and security?
  • Do your handheld barcode scanners, scan guns, and Vehicle Mount Computers (VMUs) on forklifts encounter poor connectivity or dropped sessions?
  • Do you have connectivity blackspots within your WH leading forklift operators to avoid those areas?
  • Do you want your wireless network to provide advanced operational insights and AI enable the work-flows?
  • Is your institution interested in deploying campus-wide video surveillance cameras without the need for expensive fiber installation?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then

Reach out to us at Ramen!

Ramen offers secure and reliable Network as a Service (NaaS) through innovative, cloud managed, distributed hyper-converged network (Pvt 4G/5G, Wi-Fi, LORA Wan, P2P and P2MP links) deployment. Ramen operates and manages ‘Uncarpeted Enterprise wireless Network’ by integrating hardware, software, and operations. Ramen commits to an SLA and provides easy and automated refund when the SLA is not met. 

Ramen wireless NaaS provides:

  • Expanded Reach:  Ramen allows you to cover your entire campus spanning millions of square feet! Provides access to gateways, cameras and other devices in areas that are unreachable with your legacy Wi-Fi solutions.
  • High Reliability:  Ramen offers SLA backed service for your mission critical applications with industry-leading reliability, uptime and 24/7/365 customer support.
  • Reduced Cost: Ramen reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO) for network operations relative to legacy Wi-Fi, public cellular solutions, multi-vendor enterprise network
  • Convenience: Ramen helps offload the tedious tasks of network operations from your team and thereby allows you to focus on core competencies and business goals
  • High Security: Ramen provides end-to-end encryption/authentication and policy integration with your existing enterprise network security architecture. Additionally, we provide on-demand security audit and compliance (PCI) reports.
  • AI enabled workflow: Ramen NaaS gathers and offers operational analytics for warehouse operations, enabling enterprises to develop AI-enabled workflows aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and cutting costs.
  • Rapid Deployment: A Ramen solution can be deployed quickly, typically within a few weeks. It “plugs-in” to the existing network without requiring any fork-lift upgrades to hardware or software. Existing enterprise applications continue to work as-is.

Warehouse/Distribution Center/Fulfillment Center Use Cases

Wireless connectivity for hand-held scanners, scan guns and VMUs


Transform your warehouse, distribution center, or fulfillment center with state-of-the-art wireless connectivity offered by our advanced Ramen NaaS solution. Our platform seamlessly integrates Private 5G/LTE/CBRS and Wi-Fi technologies into a unified system. Issues like dropped sessions, connectivity gaps, and security concerns can significantly hamper productivity. At Ramen, our seasoned consultants devote time to comprehensively understand your unique requirements, evaluate challenges, and customize a solution accordingly. Upon your approval, we swiftly deploy the network within weeks, ensuring minimal disruption to your ongoing operations. Be assured of our industry-leading SLA guarantee designed to provide you peace of mind.

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Ramen NaaS also possesses the capability to gather operational analytics on warehouse and distribution center activities, empowering companies to construct AI-enabled workflows for optimizing their operations, saving time and money. Noteworthy improvements in productivity and cost savings have been witnessed by companies like Wonderful Citrus post adoption of Ramen NaaS.



Experience safety like never before with our cutting-edge surveillance solution based on Ramen NaaS. As crime rates and theft soar in surrounding areas, businesses are prioritizing the protection of their premises. Traditional approaches such as installing wired cameras, often require cabling under paved or built-up campus areas and are hence exorbitantly expensive (at $60,000 to $80,000 per mile). Ramen offers a pragmatic alternative; through a many-to-one design, multiple cameras connect to a single Ramen 5G access point covering an exceptionally large area, providing comprehensive visual coverage at a fraction of the cost.



Enjoy wireless connectivity of the same quality as your warehouse operation network for office staff through our Ramen NaaS solution. With Ramen, we extend Wi-Fi connectivity to the office area within your warehouse at a minimal additional expense, ensuring the same level of service level agreement (SLA) guarantee as provided to the warehouse network.


Over the past decade, every Industry has come to rely on Internet connectivity for efficient operations. Companies focus on providing employees and customers with a secure wireless network (typically Wi-Fi). Managing the wireless network to ensure uptime, performance, and security is a huge task for enterprises. Network downtime can significantly impact the business. Businesses are spending months coordinating between multiple vendors (installers, networking hardware companies, network, and security management) to get their wireless networks up and keep them running. Ramen NaaS removes wireless network connectivity complexity completely from the customer and provides a secure and reliable network backed by SLA. Ramen NaaS lowers Total-Cost-of-Operations (TCO) compared to traditional vendors and traditional deployment models.

Allow us to show you the power of private 5G and Wi-Fi, together! We can really help your deployment!

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