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Ramen NaaS solution for Community Colleges & Universities

July 17, 2024

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Ramen offers the most secure and reliable Network as a Service (NaaS) through innovative cloud/edge-based software. Ramen integrates hardware, software, and operations, enabling your institution to run all your existing enterprise services on a highly reliable secure wireless network (private 5G and Wi-Fi), deployed and managed by Ramen. 

Ramen for Community Colleges & Universities
ramne for community


  • Does your institution want to provide campus-wide video surveillance cameras but without having to invest in expensive fiber-back haul and trenching?
  • Are the Point-Of-Sale (POS) devices and ticket scanners in your sports stadiums/athletic facilities working unreliably over your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure?
  • Would you prefer a dedicated always-available PCI-compliant network for your POS devices?
  • Are you seeking wireless coverage for large outdoor areas on your campus?
  • Do you want to have a dedicated secure network for first responders, security personnel, and facility operations?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then

Reach out to us at Ramen!

Ramen offers the most secure and reliable Network as a Service (NaaS) through innovative cloud/edge-based software. Ramen integrates hardware, software, and operations, enabling your institution to run all your existing enterprise services on a highly reliable secure wireless network (private 5G and Wi-Fi), deployed and managed by Ramen. 

Ramen wireless NaaS provides:

  • Expanded Reach:  Ramen allows you to cover your entire campus! Provide access to gateways, cameras and other devices in areas that are unreachable with your legacy Wi-Fi solutions.
  • High Reliability:  Ramen offers a highly reliable service for your mission critical services with industry-leading reliability and uptime and 24/7/365 customer support.
  • Cost Reduction: Ramen substantially reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO) for network operations relative to legacy WiFi and public cellular solutions
  • Convenience: Ramen helps offload the tedious tasks of network operations from your team and thereby allows you to focus on core competencies and business goals
  • High Security: Ramen provides end-to-end encryption/authentication and policy integration with your existing enterprise network security architecture. Additionally, we provide on-demand security audit and compliance (PCI) reports.
  • Rapid Deployment: A Ramen solution can be deployed very quickly, typically within a few weeks. The Ramen solution “plugs-in” to the existing university network without requiring any fork-lift upgrades to hardware or software. Existing enterprise applications continue to work as-is.

University Use Cases



Experience safety like never before with our cutting-edge surveillance solution based on Ramen NaaS. As crime rates soar in surrounding areas, universities are dedicated to safeguarding students and staff. Traditional approaches such as installing wired cameras, often require cabling under paved or built-up campus areas and are hence exorbitantly expensive (at $60,000 to $80,000 per mile). Ramen offers a very pragamatic alternative; through a many-to-one design, multiple cameras connect to a single Ramen 5G access point covering a very large area, providing comprehensive security coverage at a fraction of the cost.


pci complaint

Enhance your Point of Sale experience with Ramen's reliable secure NaaS solution! Frustrated with the limitations and potential security risks of using Wi-Fi or public cellular networks for your purchasing transactions? Consider Ramen's Private Cellular/5G solution – crafted exclusively for Point-Of-Sale terminals and devices. Unlike existing solutions, our Private Cellular infrastructure guarantees a dedicated and non-congested spectrum, end to end security, automatically generated PCI compliance reports, and is purpose-built to handle high-value Point-Of-Sale transactions. Bid farewell to connectivity issues and security concerns, and welcome to secure and efficient purchasing with Ramen!



Enhance public safety with Ramen's NaaS solution! If you're considering options to address public safety concerns by hiring more security officers, we suggest that you take a look at Ramen's approach. Our solution combines Private Cellular/5G and Wi-Fi, to support autonomous and human operated drone services that can assist in campus security. Furthermore, drones can assist first responder teams in assessing situations before officers arrive, boosting overall responsiveness. Embrace a more secure environment with Ramen's practical approach to public safety.



Elevate your live sports experience with Ramen's tailored solution! Frustrated with the challenges of live broadcasting scores and streaming tier 1 and tier 2 games using traditional methods like Wi-Fi or public cellular networks? Embrace Ramen's innovative Private Cellular (5G) + Wi-Fi solution – exclusively dedicated to optimizing live sports coverage. Our Private Cellular (5G) infrastructure ensures a dedicated and non-congested spectrum specifically designed for seamless live broadcasting of scores and live streaming of games. Say goodbye to connectivity issues and lag – with Ramen, enjoy a reliable and high-quality live sports experience like never before!


campus security

Ensure the operations of your campus with Ramen's cutting-edge solution! Struggling to provide secure and always available connectivity for your staff and security officers using conventional methods like Wi-Fi or public cellular networks? Look no further than Ramen's Secure Private Cellular installation (5G). Our dedicated Private Cellular infrastructure guarantees a secure and non-congested spectrum tailored exclusively for campus security and university staff. Say goodbye to connectivity challenges and security concerns – with Ramen, empower your campus with a reliable and dedicated network ensuring seamless communication and safety for all. Trust Ramen for a connected and secure campus environment!



Public Safety teams are now starting to look to Robots to augment their security officers in allowing more patrolling of the campus and having on-demand coverage throughout the campus including hazardous situations. Have a always available secure and reliable connectivity for Robotics with Ramen NaaS.


Over the past decade, every Industry has come to rely on Internet connectivity for efficient operations. Companies focus on providing employees and customers a secure wireless network (typically Wi-Fi). Managing the wireless network to ensure uptime, performance, and security at all times is a huge task for enterprises. Network downtime can significantly impact the business. Businesses are spending months coordinating between multiple vendors (installers, networking hardware companies, network, and security management) to get their wireless networks up and running, to say nothing of ongoing maintenance. As explained in the use case above, Ramen NaaS removes wireless network connectivity complexity completely from the customer and provides a completely secure and reliable network without any service interruptions. Ramen NaaS also substantially lower Total-Cost-of-Operations (TCO) compared to traditional vendors and traditional deployment models.

Ramen Inc. will send experts who will spend a few hours with you, reviewing your requirements, understanding your problems, and will propose a solution. If the solution is acceptable to you, we will deploy a network within a few weeks and get you up and running. Ramen network can cover your entire campus with a private 5G and Wi-Fi solution.

Please let us show you the power of private 5G and Wi-Fi, together! We can really help your deployment!

If you are interested, please visit our website at: or reach us at

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